Friday, November 28, 2008

Scams, Flams, & Paradiddles

Frank Rosaly plows through Wilcoxon solo #1. Another drummer says:

part one of Chad Taylor's beautiful suggestions:
Hey Frank. It is really hard to see your left hand because The high-hat cymbal is in the way. Your right hand looks really tight. Try loosening up your grip a little. Practice at about half that speed. Drop the accents, now try running it down with just playing with your fingers then just your wrists. Then combine the two.

Try playing it down where all the accents are done with your wrists and every thing else is down with your fingers. Then go back to using your arms, with incorporating everything else. Also it would be nice to hear that bad boy on the kit using the Dawson technique. (right hand accent floor tom, left hand accents mount tom, everything else on the snare. bass drum with the accents. Then move it up to the cymbals.
) Chad

Another other drummer, Ed Clery, runs the same solo down:

Then, live, of course, it sounds like grits and greasy chicken:

Up In There Now

Roger McGuinn of the Byrds once tried to explain his music this way: ''The sound of the airplane in the 40's was a rrroooaaahhh sound, and Sinatra and other people sang like that, with those sort of overtones. Now we've got the krrriiiissshhhh jet sound and the kids are singing up in there now. It's the mechanical sounds of the era.''

Ken Vandermark, Barry Guy,Mark Sanders, Vortex, London, 11/14/08

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Nate Screible at Visible Voice...

...but Frank Rosaly at Myopic Books in Chicago:

I don't know if this was at a rib cook-off or what...

But there's a lot of smoke here:

It's São Paulo Underground live, in May of 2008. As smoky as it is, it may be
better than the mudslide situation that's going on there now...