Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Hello, Mr. Seoul"

Unidentified bass player in Seoul, Korea.

Where Oscar Wilde went to Gaol...

Well, that's how they used to spell it. And he wasn't incarcerated in the Rising Sun Arts Centre, 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST, but in a real prison.

Corey Mwamba, Dave Kane, Joshua Blackmore @ the Rising Sun, Reading, 02/13/10

Video by Shuffleboil

"Over the piano was printed a notice: Please do not shoot the pianist. He is doing his best."

YOKO (ONO), w/ Mirror and Dash

Plastic Ono Band w/Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, "Mulberry," 02/16/10

Update: the link in the header now leads to Mirror's new blog, NYC Ghosts & Flowers & Cream, instead of a clip of Henry Flynt holding forth in front of 112 Chambers Street, site of the building where Yoko Ono had her loft and produced a historic series of concerts in the early sixties.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On the radio today, via

Tuesday, February 16th, 3pm - 6pm: Yoko Ono
At 77, Yoko Ono has just released one of her best records, "Between My Head and the Sky," a cosmic and kinetic set of songs featuring Daniel Carter, Yuka Honda, son Sean and others in what looks like a full resurrection of the Plastic Ono Band moniker. In fact, an epic big-band version will be performing a (now sold-out) set at BAM on February 16th with a lineup that will include the boggling collision of Cornelius, Paul Simon, Thurston Moore, Jim Keltner, Haruomi Hosono, Eric Clapton, Kim Gordon and Bette Midler. Tune in that afternoon when Brian gets the exciting opportunity to sit down with Yoko at her studio and delve into the life and mind of one of the great avant-garde figures in conceptual, performance, visual and sound art.

(Paul Simon, the bowtied Senator? He's been dead for seven years--how Fluxus.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Shoji Hiromits (analog synthesizer + tape)
Numa Naoya (drums)
Oshima Teruyuki (guitar + pc.effects)


Techno for a Snowy Day

Sometimes it's just fun to soak in some techno sonics...

Claude Young's remix of "Slow Drift" by Immersion:

Anthony "Shake" Shakir, "Like a Dream (Rush Hour)":

Stewart Walker, "10 Years of Anger":

More Snow

Michael Snow, Alan Licht, and Aki Onda at the Music Gallery, Toronto, March 2009

Michael Snow, "Wavelength" (1967) excerpt