Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do Yoo Doo Right?

Alan Courtis and Aaron Moore doo...

Side Cinema, Newcastle, 02/12/10
Courtesy of cs0sor

Meanwhile, in 2009:

ALAN COURTIS & AARON MOORE live at Culture Lab, Newcastle, 02/20/09
Thanks to nofinewcastle

By the way, Aaron Moore is a member of Volcano the Bear, playing trumpet and drums in that group, although not at the same time. He is not a member of the Connecticut Moores.

I enjoyed this performance

(At least I enjoyed these little films of this performance, presented here in reverse order.)

Cut Paste Featuring Weasel Walter,

Peter Evans,

Cory Smythe, Steve Lehman

@ Le Poisson Rouge, NY, 03/16/10

Shot by MarcEdwards5050

But then again, I am also enjoying researching videos by Wendy & Lisa...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I did not enjoy this performance...

...but it's pleasing to see this sort of thing being played in Belfast."


Free Improv Trio Faint (Pedro Rebelo - piano, Franziska Schroeder - saxes and Steve Davis - percussion) live at the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast/Northern Ireland, October 2007

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The prequel to Butcher/Shipp?

DJ Spooky & Matthew Shipp - Optometry // live at Banlieues Bleues, 03/19/03 // a film by Jacques Goldstein // DJ Spooky - turntables, samples / Matthew Shipp - piano / William Parker - bass / Guillermo Brown - drums, laptop //

Monday, March 15, 2010

McPhee, Corsano, Dunmall, Edwards

Joe McPhee, Chris Corsano, John Edwards, and Paul Dunmall @ Cafe Oto, London, 03/09/10, courtesy of Shuffleboil

What did that bass ever do to Edwards? Beautiful.

(Click on the header for some bonus beats...the Bald Soprano and the Short-Back-and-Sides-Soprano.)

Almost Autumn in South America

Alan Courtis en Santiago de Chile

Lee Ranaldo in Chile, 03/28/09

São Paulo Underground, video by Akin

Springtime Addendum:

"Dark 'N' Lovely," as Stevie Wonder might say...

El jueves, 04 de marzo de 2010
Espacio Ecléctico, Humberto Primo 730
Buenos Aires

Nicolás Diab: Bajo
Fernando de la Vega: Batería
Alan Courtis: Guitarra

Courtisy (heh) of Suciotraporojo