Saturday, May 15, 2010

“The artists alone decide what you will hear on their ESP-Disk”.

And I guess I decide what you hear on Bug is Sonny Simmons in London:

Sonny Simmons Quartet with Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Louis Moholo Moholo @ Cafe Oto, London, 05/14/10
Shot by Shuffleboil

Sonny Simmons Quartet with Alexander Hawkins, John Edwards, Charlie Collins @ Cafe Oto, London, 05/13/10
Shot by Shuffleboil

The Sonny Simmons Quartet

With Derek Saw (trumpet & valve trombone), John Jasnoch (guitar & oud)
and Charlie Collins (drums & cajon)
The Vortex, London
Shot by Dzgast

B & W trumpet and drums

Wadada Leo Smith, Louis Moholo, Steve Noble
Filmed by Helen Petts at Freedom of the City festival, 2010, London

Monday, May 10, 2010

Must bust in early May

Or possibly Free Games for May...films courtesy of Helen Petts:

John Butcher (saxophones), Okkyung Lee (cello) and - in the dark - Christian Marclay (turntables) and Steve Beresford (electronics). Cafe Oto, London, 05/07/10.

Beresford & Marclay

Lee & Beresford, 05/08/10

Lee & Marclay, 05/07/10

Marclay & Butcher, 05/07/10