Friday, February 5, 2010

Kind of like Donny and Marie...

A little bit groove, a little bit freak-out:

Ceramic Dog Live, 10/22/09 @ Vooruit - Ghent - Belgium ;
Shahzad Ismaily - Moog ;
Eszter Balint - Violin;
Ches Smith - Drums ;
Marc Ribot - Guitar ;

Xiao Shitou - Camera & Editing

Hugo Ball's "Karawane", performed by Marie Osmond.

I figure I might as well...

...put up some God is my Co-Pilot since I put up The Ex, seeing as how they're another clanky co-ed band that I once saw at the Grog Shop...

The Ex and Brass Unbound

The Ex & Brass Unbound, Bristol, Fleece, 01/29/10, the first gig of their U.K. tour

Here they are in Birmingham, at the Hare and Hounds, on 02/01/10. Dig Mats Gustafsson dumping the excess saliva from his baritone sax. This song has a "Fiery Jack" vibe to it, though not exactly...

UPDATE: This has been a pretty popular post (though not as popular as TheHoundblog's Jane Birkin posts), so I thought I'd throw a little more in...

Lean Left (The Ex Guitars Meet Vandermark / Nilssen-Love Duo) @ Gromka, video courtesy of plizzzzzz.

The Ex in "Beautiful Frenzy" (2004), by Christina Hallström and Mandra U. Wabäck

And Mats G. and Ken V. with Zu, in 2005:

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maybe yes, maybe no

Early Contortions, supposedly with Reck and Chico Hige of Friction:

A little later on:

Maybe someday I'll be able to put up my super-8 footage of James Chance strolling through Bryant Park...

barn, barn, Barn, BARN, COW BARN!

Live at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn:

Drummer Weasel Walter brings his quintet to the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY. Shown in the video from l - r:
Matt Nelson - tenor saxophone, Peter Evans - trumpet, Tom Blancarte - bass (behind Peter Evans during most of the video) Weasel Walter - drums (he's in between Peter Evans and Darius Jones - alto saxophone).
Courtesy of Marc Edwards...

Brown Wing Overdrive: Chuck Bettis - electronics + vocals and Derek Morton - electronics + banjo

Hat (and Beard)

Shuffleboil the video documentarian has posted a version of Thelonious Monk's "Shuffle Boil" as performed by the combo Hard Evidence (Steve Noble on drums, John Edwards on bass, Adrian Northover on soprano sax, and Pat Thomas in a suitably Monastic hat) at the New Year New Sounds festival, Battersea Arts Centre, London, 01/23/10.


Noble and Edwards flipping out with Peter Brötzmann at the Cafe Oto, London, last night (01/30/10)...