Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saxophone & Other

Darius Jones (saxophone) & Martin McCavitt (other) at the Ratward in Hampton, Virginia, 08/11/04

You could make a fire with the seats. You could boil up some [...] dips. Or get into the subway for the icecream to come around.

Who doesn't like some bass clarinet for a sunny Sat'day afternoon? Esp. paired w/ bull fiddle and guitar?

Misha Feigin gtr.
Ned Rothenberg bs. cl.
Kevin Ray bs.

At The Stone, NYC, 04/23/10

Perhaps you'd prefer some balalaika:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm searching for the now. I'm looking for the real thing, yeah. Head through a blue haze. Waiting for the musical craze...

Pat Thomas shown here...

han bennink-drums
pat thomas-piano and electronics
john coxon electric guitar

surreal gig @ pizza express dean street, london, 05/26/10

And a rare chance to just experience Han at the kit, without him getting up to play chairs or kick cymbals around (even though he is good at it...).