Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A pint's a pound the world around (one for Wooden Skin)

TRIPLEHELIX* & Nasuno Mitsuru at Earthdom, 12/06/08

Nasuno Mitsuru (the bassist) is also in a "power trio" with a koto player...

Yagi Michiyo, koto / Nasuno Mitsuru, bass / Honda Tamaya, drums
Concert at UFO Club, Tokyo on 09/29/07

*"TRIPLEHELIX" is the unit that has the concept "free-improvisation entertainment of three drums".

Member of "TRIPLEHELIX" is Yuka Yoshimura (METALCHICKS, CATSUOMATIC DEATH, ex.DMBQ, ex.OOIOO), Murochin (WRENCH, ABNORMALS, ex.DESSERT, ex.COCOBAT) and Kyo Mad (Mosquito Spiral, ex.Mad3).

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