Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year-End Roundup

Dan Wenninger & Bbob Drake, Cleveland, 01/04/09

DAVID RUSSELL @ Metal Shaker, Chicago, IL 02/20/09

Jack Wright and Alban Bailly, 03/06/09

Peter Brötzmann with Toshinori Kondo, Massimo Pupillo, Paal Nilssen-Love

Andy Moor & John Butcher @ Kings Place, London, 04/14/09

(courtesy Shuffleboil)

Sonny Sharrock and Bill Laswell team up pre-Last Exit:

Excerpt of a full concert of Material recorded on December 3, 1980 with guest appearance by Fred Frith. Two concerts of Material were recorded live at Hurrah by Merrill Aldighieri. The group includes Bill Laswell on bass, keyboardist Michael Beinhorn and drummer Fred Maher, Sonny Sharrock on Guitar and Olu Dara on trumpet.

"Beating Time" in 1984 - Mike Cooper, Tim Hill, Gary Jones, and Paul Burwell.
Film by Mike Cooper, 2007.

DJ/Rupture and Andy Moor, Geneva, 2007

You may want to take Dramamine before viewing.

Michael Johnsen performance at Lampo, 05/23/09 excerpt © Angeline Evans.

Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans live in Würzburg, 05/08/09.

Japanese performer/composer, ADACHI Tomomi's composition "Yumiko"(1997) performed by students of Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts, Tama Art University in Jan. 2008.

Marc Ribot, Evan Parker, and Han Bennink, June 2009

Han not only has a kick drum, he has a

Damo Suzuki in Argentina - "Improvisacion 2"
Saturday, 06/06/09
Teatro ND Ateneo

Kuknacke (ククナッケ) on guitar and Hot Troche (ツポールヌ) on vocals at Guitaristival, Roppongi SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, 06/28/09.

the riff from "Bunnies" by electric eels at 1:27...

Wooden Skin (Scheible, Delzoppo, Pickering) at Pat's in the Flats, 08/14/09,
shot by loumnz.

Mary Halvorson - guitar, John Hebert - bass, Ches Smith - drums. From a live performance at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, Thursday, August 6th, 2009. Compositions by Mary Halvorson.
(Who knew that M.C. Hammer had a museum?)

4 juillet 2009: Schizophonic cabaret (Autour de Pascal Comelade), organisé par Vert Pituite la belle aux voûtes (Paris)

"Brand new cadillac" (Vince Taylor) par Pascal Comelade (piano jouet), Jac Berrocal (chant et peigne), Général alcazar (Guitare), David Fenech (percussions)

Jim Pugliese - drums, percussion, electronics
Christine Bard - drums, electronics
Michael Evans - theremin, percussion
Kato Hideki - electric bass
Chris Cochrane - electric guitar
Roy Campbell - trumpet

Han Bennink on "DWDD," 09/29/09

"Open Score" by Robert Rauschenberg

Rhodri Marsden, a saw, a child's violin bow, a portable amp and a midi file of "Wichita Lineman" he downloaded from a karaoke website. (Or should that be a Webbsite?)

J. Guy Laughlin, Jr., Kent, 02/20/09

Hans Reichel, Festival Phonomanie, Ulrichsberg, 12/06/09

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