Monday, March 22, 2010

Chapter 19: Mucilage

Dave E.'s words had cadence and clarity.
"Like duck blinds, the ones I used to live in, I pass them all the time
Spin age blasters radio cortex falls on screen
Like video images of myself I like them to be seen
Happens all the time"

Thanks to Environihilist for this confection...

The Bible says the Last Supper took place on a Passover evening but gives little detail on specific foods besides bread and wine.

"There's nothing else mentioned. They don't say there's a fruit cup or carrot cake," though other foods such as fish, eel, lamb and even pork have appeared in paintings through the years, Brian Wansink said.

"A little taste of honey
When I have the money...
God must be
In my refrigerator"

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