Monday, April 5, 2010

Toy Killers & the Derelicts of Dialect

Toy Killers features Mark E. Miller - Drums, Voice; Charles K. Noyes - Bass; Kathleen Supove - Piano; & Weasel Walter - Electric Guitar. Filmed at The Stone, New York City, NY on 04/04/10 by Marc Edwards.

3rd Bass, "Derelicts of Dialect" (SD50 remix)

For some reason, Stumbleupon apparently makes this the main stop for people searching for "Derelicts of Dialect" (at least I assume this many folks aren't looking for info on the Toy Killers), so I thought I'd revisit this post and add a few things to it. I like bits and bobs of a lot of different musics, and dislike gobs of it, as I'm a bit of a snob, but I do dig 3rd Bass, and "Derelicts of Dialect" is one of my favorite hip-hop albums, one that I go back to year after year.
I saw them live once, at the Masonic Auditorium in downtown-ish Cleveland, on a bill with Digital Underground, and, I believe, Queen Latifah. There aren't a lot of live clips of the group, but here's a decent "Gas Face":

This is one of my favorite bug-out pieces from "DoD"..."Al'z A-B-Ceez":

The group split up after "DoD," with MC Serch going solo, and Prime Minister Pete Nice doing a duo album with Daddy Rich, a bit forward-looking, with samples of Can and the Velvet Underground, among others. Here is "The Sleeper," which uses "The Gift" by the VU:

And here is "Here It Comes" from Serch's solo album "Return of the Product" (1992).
And here is a down note...Serch stopped by the record store that I used to work at when he was doing a promo tour for the album not long after it dropped, and he was distraught...I'll have to paraphrase, because it was so long ago, but Serch said things like "dead in the water" and "this is a bomb." He was probably the most crestfallen artist I've ever seen, at least of the people who had major label distribution.

And to end on the keep-it-surreal tip, here is a promo for the Toy Killers CD:

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