Thursday, September 9, 2010

Space Travel, Time Travel, We Do It All

Peter Brötzmann - "German Blues"


Waldo Drogulus said...

Space Travel, Time Travel?
Please drop me off in Akron, Ohio, May 1981,
or even Kent, Ohio, early January 1983, so I can start over. Besides, I'm dying for a cup of Jerry's Diner coffee with Elvis' 'Blue Christmas' on the jukebox.
I hate the endless nostalgia nonsense of the last decade(+/-)or so,
BUT if I was there and then again, it wouldn't exactly be nostalgia, would it?
as ever,
Waldo Drogulus

Waldo Drogulus said...

Time travel must be risky, as you appear to be lost in space...
(If you find your way, try to drag Dan from 'Spit Out Your Gum' back through the time/space vortex/window, it appears he's lost too.)
Best Wishes
Waldo Drogulus